Strengthen quality management, build reputation and brand

On April 19th, 2022, Better Technology Group Limted (hereinafter referred to as "Better Group") ISO Quality Management System Launch Conference was successfully held. The full participation in this meeting means the full launch of ISO quality management system project in Better Group , is another very important milestone in the company's development process.

The first stop of "Better Learning Communty" of BETTER: Justsun Group

On April 14, 2022, the first stop of "Better Learning Communicty", the president of the company Ms. Wei personally led some middle and senior managers to go to Xiamen Justsun Group to exchange and study, and received the warm reception from Mr. Shao and Mr. Gan of Justsun Group .

BETTER held the 2nd "Points Exchange Happy Event" successfully

On the afternoon of March 24, 2022, Better Technology Group Limited held the 2nd Points Exchange Happy Event at the headquarters of Xiamen, and all employees attended the event.

Festival activities | BETTER launched the Arbor Day activity

On the occasion of the Arbor Day in 2022, BETTER carried out the Arbor Day activity of "planting a new green and enjoying the spring from four seasons" in the park where the company is located.

Good news | The project management team of BETTER got highly appreciated from overseas customers.

On February 21, 2022, another overseas installation and commissioning service project of Better Technology Group Limited came to a perfect conclusion. The team in charge of the project won the exclusive honorary certificate issued by the senior management of the client enterprise, and the high-quality service of the team was highly recognized and appreciated by the overseas client team!

BETTER held the Lantern Festival tea party

on February 15, 2022, Better Technology Group Co., Ltd. successfully held a Lantern Festival tea party with the theme of "happy reunion, happy Lantern Festival, continuous struggle and a new journey". The activity mainly focuses on the word "struggle".

Good start to work | Better distributed red packet to send blessings to employees with full of ceremony

February 9, 2022 is the ninth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, which is a good day for "Pray to the God" in southern Fujian." It is a popular traditional custom in southern Fujian. Every year in this day, every household will offer sacrifices to worship.

BETTER successfully hold 2021~2022 year-end summary and welcome party

On January 22, 2022, in response to the national call and paying attention to epidemic prevention and control. Better Technology Group Limitedheld a simple and ceremonial 2021~2022 year-end summary and welcome part.

Helping farmers with love and responsibility, sending warmth with oranges

In order to better help the sales of oranges in Guangxi and improve the rural revitalization, BETTER held a warm public welfare activity of "Helping farmers with love and sharing oranges together". BETTER purchased thousands of kilograms of oranges, and invited the company's strategic partners and relatives and friends to share the joy of a bumper harvest of oranges in Guangxi.

Warmly congratulate BETTER to obtain a number of new utility model patent certificates

Recently, our company has obtained a number of utility model patent certificates issued by the National Intellectual Property Office. These invention patents are independently developed by our company,And they will be used in our company's related products and equipments.

A delegation from Guangxi Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province visited Better Technology Group Limited.

On the afternoon of December 15th, Executive Vice President Li Luotang, Executive Vice President Wu Jiafa, Vice Chief Supervisor Liang Xingjun, Director Feng Tao and members Nong Haihua, Wang Duanlai, Hou Liping from Guangxi Chamber of Commerce in Fujian Province with Able Villager Liu Liangyou came to Better Technology Group Limited for business tour. Mr. Liu Junming, the general manager of our company, provided a warm reception.

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