Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Northern Shenyang New Zone visited BETTER

On the afternoon of June 9, Wang Wei, Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Northern Shenyang New Zone in Shenyang City, and Wang Mingwei, Assistant Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Northern Shenyang New Zone in Shenyang City, visited our company. The leadership team of Liaoning Goodao Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiao Bixiang, chairman of Xiamen Goodao Technology Group Co., Ltd., accompanied the visit. They got warm reception from Wei Yanping, chairman of Better Technology Group Limited. Both of them made deep communications.

Highlights of "Exercise in summer burns my calories" sports meeting in BETTER

in order to further enrich the leisure sports life of employees, enhance their awareness of physical exercise, promote the spiritual civilization of the company and the construction of corporate culture, "Exercise in summer burns my calories" sports meeting in Better Technology Group Limited was successfully held in Weifeng Sports basketball training camp.

BETTER held a learning community kick-off meeting and a new employee welcome meeting

On May 25th, in order to promote the company's learning community to be implemented faster and better, Better held a learning community kick-off meeting with the theme of "Sharpen yourself and create the future", and it was also a new employee welcome meeting which aims to guide the company's employees to actively participate in Learning Community activities, learn and practice, improve themselves, and promote new employees to integrate into the company's development atmosphere quickly,enhance communication between new and old employees.

BETTER took part in FENIBAT-2022 exhibition in Brazil and was highly praised

At this FENIBAT-2022 exhibition in Brazil, BETTER showed the company's independent research and development of the lead-acid battery equipment production line, energy storage lithium battery, patent certificate, etc. which attracted many visitors to stop for consultation.

BETTER Established "Sports Community" to encourage employees to live a healthy life

According to WHO statistics, a quarter of adults worldwide are not physically exercising enough. The latest WHO physical exercise guidelines recommend that all adults over 18 years old, including those with chronic medical conditions or disabilities, should engage in at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous aerobic exercise per week, even if they are over the age of 60.

BETTER actively responds to the invitation of Kenyan customer to hold a charity fundraising event for caring eyesight health

Once the matter was announced, all the employees of Better expressed their support. On May 6th, Better held a charity donation activity with the theme of "One World, Unbounded Love" in the lobby of the company. The employees responded positively, donated generously, and extended a helping hand to donate love.

Strengthen quality management, build reputation and brand

On April 19th, 2022, Better Technology Group Limted (hereinafter referred to as "Better Group") ISO Quality Management System Launch Conference was successfully held. The full participation in this meeting means the full launch of ISO quality management system project in Better Group , is another very important milestone in the company's development process.

The first stop of "Better Learning Communty" of BETTER: Justsun Group

On April 14, 2022, the first stop of "Better Learning Communicty", the president of the company Ms. Wei personally led some middle and senior managers to go to Xiamen Justsun Group to exchange and study, and received the warm reception from Mr. Shao and Mr. Gan of Justsun Group .

BETTER held the 2nd "Points Exchange Happy Event" successfully

On the afternoon of March 24, 2022, Better Technology Group Limited held the 2nd Points Exchange Happy Event at the headquarters of Xiamen, and all employees attended the event.

Festival activities | BETTER launched the Arbor Day activity

On the occasion of the Arbor Day in 2022, BETTER carried out the Arbor Day activity of "planting a new green and enjoying the spring from four seasons" in the park where the company is located.

BETTER Received Certificate of Appreciation From the Afghanistan Government

BETTER as a rare "high-quality export operation platform for China battery industry", we are committed to providing global customers with battery manufacturing full resource operation and turn-key equipment solutions, providing general contracting system integration services, including R&D and design, project planning, complete equipment, installation and commissioning, technical training and guidance, after-sales guarantee and so on. We have created “China's First Station” and became the "Purchasing Center in China" for many international customers.

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