Better Technology Group Limited Signed a 150 million RMB PV Project

Among these, our corporate, Better Technology Group Limited signed the photovoltaic project, with the signing amount of 150 million RMB.

Salute to strivers | Those who follow the light will eventually shine

Better Technology Group Limited salute to every striver

”CCPIT Export Commodity Brand Certification List (2022-2023)” was officially released. Better tech group was listed among them

Better Tech Group is the first enterprise in Xiamen, Fujian province to be awarded the “dual certification” of brand credit by the Xiamen Council for the Promotion of International Trade (XCPIT) at the same time. Based on the group standard of “China’s Export Commodity Brand Evaluation”T/CCPITCSC 015-2023 (2023 revision)”, XCPIT audited and certified our company’s basic quality, solvency , national recognition and other dimensions. It evaluated our final score as 103 and issued “Basic Credit Certification” and “China Export Commodity Brand Certification” for us.

Better Tech Group won the "China Export Commodity Brand Certificate" and "Basic Credit Certification"

This is the comprehensive recognition and high affirmation of our brand strength and export ability, and also the encouragement and motivation for our future work, which is of great significance for our company to further expand overseas influence, enhance globalization advantages, and improve brand reputation.

Better Tech Group Held the First Portable Power Station New Product In-House Promotion

In the Promotion, Better Tech Group unveiled three types of portable power stations with multiple functions: WPP300, WPP600 and WPP3600 (Developed by Better Tech Group’s sub-brand, WELLPACK). Hosts of this Promotion both gave demonstration of product usage and explained the product's performance characteristics, parameter details, functionality, application scenarios, and other aspects of the event, which was full of useful information. Staff and partners present all got intrigued by the idea of "living a low-carbon green life".

Better Tech Group Was Awarded the Honor of “Specialized New Small and Medium Sized Enterprise”

Recently, the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the "Xiamen 2023 Specialized New SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) Recognition and Review List (2nd round)". Better Tech Group was awarded the title of "Xiamen 2023 Specialized New SMEs Recognition" after a strict procedure of declaration, preliminary examination, review and other regulations.

Strive for Better Future Endeavors | Looking Back at the Biggest Headlines of Better Tech Group in 2023

Looking back on the past, Better Tech Group has been full of pride and riding the wave of wind and waves, and has played an increasingly important role in the global battery manufacturing high-quality development stage by extending its business territory, expanding its global market layout, producing a large number of innovative products, and accelerating the improvement of its corporate strength.

Better Tech Group Was Officially Approved as One of the 2023 Key Listed Reserve Enterprises

Recently, the Financial Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province announced the "Reserve Roll of Key Listed Enterprises in Fujian Province in 2023". There were 100 enterprises in the provincial reserve pool. Among them, Better Technology Group Limited (Better Tech Group for short) and 25 other Xiamen-based enterprises were officially approved as the key listed enterprises in the provincial reserve pool.

The Administrators of College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation at Huaqiao University Visited Better Tech Group

The leadership of College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation visited Better Tech Group’s new energy lithium battery manufacturing plant...

Better Tech Group New Energy Zero Carbon Services Introduced at the 1st CISCE Help to Facilitate the “Dual Carbon Goals”

Our strength lies in the new energy zero carbon solutions and energy storage integrated solutions. We keep exploring small and medium-sized industrial and commercial markets with “PV+Energy Storage” ...

Great Event丨Better Tech Group Attended the 1st CISCE

Better Technology Group Limited together with seven leading enterprises in the field of supply chain, such as C&D, Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co., Ltd. and XMXYG CORP. organized an exhibitor team to attend the 1st CISCE in Beijing ...

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