More than 40 international students from 16 countries visited BETTER GROUP


In order to promote Chinese language service more internationally,  help Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, encourage the development of global circulation, in the afternoon of February 3, 2023, the "language export service base" and preparatory education college of HUAQIAO UNIVERSITY , the centre of internationally collaborative and innovation, and BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED, jointly organized a forum with a party during the Spring & Lantern Festival in JIMEI district, XIAMEN city. 

The students, from South-east ASIA , Southern ASIA, Latin America, Pacific islands, and Africa, gathered in JIMEI district, to learn Chinese companies' working model and the industry development and new chances, to celebrate Chinese Spring Lantern festival. 

More than 40 international students from 16 countries visited BETTER GROUP

The students has visited the laboratory of Rare-earth study institute of Sciences (Xiamen) , the "national language service export base" of HUAQIAO university, the centre of internationally collaborative and innovation where a discussion took place. Afterwards, the students came to Better Technology Group limited, where they are warmly welcome and and an unique activity was carried out.  

More than 40 international students from 16 countries visited BETTER GROUP

They visited Rare-earth study institute (XIAMEN) of Chinese Academy of Science and its laboratory, “Language Export Service Base ” , the centre of internationally collaborative and innovation science, and BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED, where are warmly welcome by the whole staffs and an interesting forum and party were hold.(video attached in the final part of the article)At the beginning of the event, Mr. Huang, vice director of operation department, delivered a speech to sincerely welcome all of the students. Mr. Huang said that BETTER GROUP has always been paying attention to international exchanges, to introduce good things into China, meanwhile export the good production with our own brands and technology to all over the world, of which more than 100 countries are covered, subsequently a good international exchange takes place. BETTER GROUP looks forward to discussing new business opportunities and new trends with more international friends. We will stick to hard work to accomplish a greater mission .

Subsequently the students watched video of BETTER GROUP, visited the cultural and product wall, office environment, and listened to the introduction and analysis of the energy-storage industry in the world, and its development in the future.

More than 40 international students from 16 countries visited BETTER GROUP

Visit BETTER Group for discussion and exchange

BETTER GROUP said that a series of market data can show that the global energy storage market will grow strongly in the future, and how to catch the opportunity and share the market worth of billions of USD globally. BETTER GROUP, as " a global company of battery-manufacturing technology integration and an operator of the whole industry chain ", boasts of the tech-advantage in the connection between traditional (lead-acid) and new (mainly Lithium) storage industry, and the mature experience of many projects covering many places of the world, will focus on the intelligent manufacture of equipment and energy-storage system, and the service of tech-output of the whole productive chain, and go forwards continuously to deeply explore the international market , to strive to enjoy the global influence of its own brand.    

BETTER GROUP also said that, today, in the background of increasingly frequent cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, every enterprise committed to the development of overseas markets is the main spreading force of Chinese culture, and the practitioner and demonstrator of Chinese culture to the world. BETTER GROUP looks forward to a deeper cooperation,to attract more excellent talents and strategic partners both at home and abroad, to complement each other’s advantage, to share resources, to reach a win-win collaborate, to develop better global talents for Chinese production’s globalization, as well as for the spread of Chinese culture and the development of Chinese education overseas.

More than 40 international students from 16 countries visited BETTER GROUP

During the discussion, the students actively shared their thoughts on learning Chinese and their career plans. Many students expressed their desire to stand on the international stage and make modest contributions to the exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries. "I want to learn Chinese and professional knowledge well in Huaqiao University, learn China's advanced technology and development concepts, in order to build my own country when returning home, and let more people know about China." Said Thura Kyaw, a student from Myanmar. "I really hope to have the opportunity to establish business cooperation with relevant Chinese companies and introduce the Chinese advanced technology to my country. I look forward to more opportunities to communication with enterprises in the future," said Islam, a student from Bangladesh. Lygia, an Indonesian student who used to work for a Chinese company in Indonesia, said, "I am very grateful to the organizer for providing this opportunity to communicate with you. My Chinese company is in the battery industry. I was greatly inspired by the visit today, and I believe it will be of great help to my future work."

 Mr. Peian Hu , the dean of preparatory education college Huaqiao university, said the exchange not only broadens the horizons of students and let them see the epitome of China’s rapid development on science and technology, but also help students understand the great cooperative space between China and their own countries. He wished that , in the future, relying on the national language service export base, to integrate more resources , we will contribute more to the international science and technology and industry’s development.

More than 40 international students from 16 countries visited BETTER GROUP

Celebrate the Spring and Lantern Festival

After the forum, under the leadership of the leaders, teachers of Huaqiao University and BETTER GROUP team, the international students made dumplings and sweet balls to celebrate the Chinese Spring and the Lantern Festival, so as to deepen their understanding of traditional Chinese festivals and customs. The international students have expressed the love to China and Chinese culture, and said that their access and being friendly to China are due to Chinese language learning, and they already have become the spreader of Chinese language and culture, to express their emotion to the world of their love to China and Chinese value, tell their own stories about China, help Chinese and foreign cultural exchange.

Presently the world cultural exchange, integration and intersects are more frequent. BETTER GROUP has built for youth exchanges between China and foreign countries a platform, which will offer us a greater view for international communication. It will actively explore the opportunities for international exchange, to encourage more international young people to participate in the activities. With the aid of "made in China" technology in a long-term strategy view, BETTER GROUP will continue to optimize the important direction of international cooperation and cross-border channel layout, to create a green internationally friendship-link, to push forwards to more international investment and multi-kinds of trade. We will have a boarder road and become a true practitioner of “GOING OVERSEAS”, to accomplish the mission “ LET MADE IN CHINA BEATIFY THE WORLD”. 

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