Better Group provides New Year benefits for all employees


The Spring Festival of 2023 is approaching, and the New Year is gradually growing. In order to thank all the employees of the company for their conscientious and painstaking efforts to the company, in order to actively respond to the country and government's "agriculture policy", Better Technology Group Limited adheres to the consistent tradition, purchase thousands of kilos of Guangxi oranges, hundreds of kilos of pork, New Year gift packages and other items through "help farmers by purchasing", invite all the employees of the company to share the achievements of the development of the enterprise, and send you the company's care and the blessing of the Spring Festival in advance.

Better Group provides New Year benefits for all employees

Better Group has always been attaching great importance to the humanistic care for employees, and provides warm benefits and organizes activities to employees during traditional festivals. The real and practical welfare and care not only reflect the company's "people-oriented" corporate culture, but also enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the sense of ownership of employees. Through the New Year welfare distribution, the company holds the heart of love to help farmers by purchasing oranges, express gratitude between the company and the staff, but also achieve the win-win effect of "provide welfare for workers + help farmers with love". 

Better Group provides New Year benefits for all employees

Helping farmers is the transmission of love, and also the responsibility. Welfare is a humanistic care, but also a sincere blessing,when these carefully selected welfare items are delivered to the hands of each employee, everyone was happy to smile. The company is full of care, on the one hand, let everyone taste the featured agricultural products, on the other hand, let everyone have the opportunity to participate in the public welfare undertakings, which is meaningful and has double benefits.

In the future, Better Group will continue to actively participate in public welfare undertakings and promote the service spirit of enterprise, accelerating surging forces to boost social and economic development and promote common prosperity with the power of enterprises and the spirit of public welfare!


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