Plate formation battery charger and discharger making machine

Plate formation battery charger and discharger making machine

  • China
  • 15-45 days
  • Information


  • Microprocessor control, digital tube display, small size, simple operation.

  • 1-32 process programs (multi-step setup) can be programmed on the controller and run automatically

  • 1-32 process programs can be programmed on the computer and uploaded to the controller for automatic operation.

  • It has various charge and discharge mode control for battery plate formation.

  • With constant current charging, constant current limiting voltage charging, constant discharge, reverse charging (plate information), standby, circulation and other working modes.

  • It has data keeping when power outage and automatic recovery of operation when power restoration.

  • It can store more than 1400 data records (it will automatic record current state every 1-60 minutes), and can be transmitted to the computer to centralized storage, display, print.

  • It has fault detection functions such as disconnection, over current detection, power phase loss, disconnection, and polarity testing.

  • Multi communication function, it can achieve up to than 135 controller computers centralized management .

  • Manual/automatic function (Customized function)

  • Incorrect operation stop function.


2. Technical specifications

  • AC input: three phases four wires AC400V, 50HZ. (can be customized according to the customer)

  • Input voltage change:±2%

  • DC output current: 0-200A; 0-200A.

  • DC output voltage: 0-320V.

  • Control panel input voltage: AC16V, current consumption < 200 mA.

  • Controller unit input voltage: AC18V, current consumption < 100 mA.

  • Photoelectric isolation communications unit input voltage: AC9V, current consumption < 100 mA.

  • Simulation unit input voltage: ±DC12V, current consumption < 50 mA.

  • Current analog input: 0 to 5 V, corresponding to the current full range maximum 200.0 A

  • Analog input voltage: 0 to 5 V, corresponding to the voltage full range maximum 320.0 V.

  • Given the analog output: 0-5.5 V

  • Current control relative accuracy: set constant current value ±0.5%

  •  Voltage control relative accuracy: set constant voltage value ±0.5%.

  • Cooling method: natural cooling or air cooling.

  • Com: RS232/485 common interface, DC9V power supply.


3the configuration of main components

  •  SCR  300A/1200v  Jinglai semiconductor

  • Contactor  250/220 V  DELIXI

  • The fuse push button  400A   DELIXI

  • Switch  22mm   Tianbo      

  • Small computer  200A

  • Trigger driver board  5`1000A

  • Dry tape transformer  70 KVA

  • Electric reactor   200A

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