Lead Oxide ball mill Manufacturing Machine

The ball mill is used for the production of lead powder in Lead acid battery manufacturing.

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Ball mill can automatically complete the following functions: 

Lead balls production, lead powder production and lead powder storage and transportation.

It adopts PLC concentrating control, flow operation and automatic production.



1) Lead Balls Production System: Lead Ingot Transmission Mechanism Lead Melting Furnace Lead Bar Cooling Mold Lead Bar Cutter Lead Balls Hauling Machine Lead Balls Storage Machine 


2) Lead Powder Production System: Main Machine Positive Pressure Pneumatic System Pulse Cloth Bag Filter Negative Pneumatic System 


3) Lead Powder Storing &Delivering System: Screw Conveyor Bucket Elevator Lead Powder Store 


4) Electrical Control System: Electrical control cabinet for lead powder line main Electrical control cabinet for lead powder main machine Lead Balls control cabinet Remark:There are 5T,8T,12T,24T oxide mills for selection.

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