Expanding Line

Expanding Line

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This production line adopts expanding metal method to realize automatic continuous production of battery grid.

Equipment Feature

2.1 The production line can complete the whole process from lead strip uncoiling, expanding, lug forming to lead strip winding, etc.;

2.2 The expanding machine adopts continuous rotation and rolling cutting, and the expanding part adopts silent chain, so the whole machine has low running noise, the speed can reach 40 meters/min or 500~700 pieces/min, and the operation is reliable and the maintenance is convenient;

2.3 The continuous grid production process greatly improves the production automation level, the whole production line only needs 1 ~ 2 people, reduces the production cost of batteries, and improves the grid uniformity;

2.4 The whole process is cold processing, no pollution, no lead loss;

2.5 The whole line adopts PLC control, advanced and reliable.

unwinding machine

lead strip cold press welding machine

Rotary expander

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