Lead bush cold forged machine
  • Lead bush cold forged machine Manufacturers, Lead bush cold forged machine Factory, Supply Lead bush cold forged machine
  • Lead bush cold forged machine Manufacturers, Lead bush cold forged machine Factory, Supply Lead bush cold forged machine
  • Lead bush cold forged machine Manufacturers, Lead bush cold forged machine Factory, Supply Lead bush cold forged machine
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Lead bush cold forged machine


Product origin CHINA

The Lead bush cold forged machine applies to manufacturing the Lead bush by cold forging method for automotive battery.

Lead bush cold forged machine

Cold forged Lead bush machine

Advantages of cold pressing lead terminals:

It belongs to the high-end lead parts products, the terminal is with anti-rotation design, the terminals are bright, with high compactness, can effectively prevent the terminal from acid climbing, completely eliminate the internal bubbles of the terminals. The finished terminals pass the baking testing, air hole corrosion testing, torsion testing, compactness testing, which are up to the qualified standards, the product quality is in the international leading level.

The lead terminal adopts the way of cold pressing, which solves the defects of the terminal such as crack, internal air hole, sand hole, etc., greatly eliminates the problem of acid crawling and terminal corrosion, and prolongs the service life of the battery.

Process for Making the Cold Forging Lead part:

Lead part made by Gravity casting → Cold forging  → Edge Trimming → Groove reversing 


The cold pressing process flow is 4-step operation. They can work alone, not affected by the efficiency link of the other machine. The automatic lead parts casting machine is fully automatic, do not need a person to watch the operation; the cold pressing machine, trimming machine and grooving machine needs operator for each machine. Operator quantity might be increased to match the production due to different products and different operation efficiency. The rolling process is required if the user needs the inverted groove structure.



The automatic lead parts casting machine will make the rough lead parts; the operator will put the rough lead parts into the cold pressing mold inside the cold pressing machine, run the machine for single pressing; then use the trimming machine to trim the cold pressing small parts. Finally, use the grooving machine to make the groove for the lead parts.   

Service Project 

1. Battery manufacturing equipment and turn-key solutions for complete sets of equipment,

2. Battery factory designs, battery product designs and tooling,

3. Battery manufacturing technology support and Transfer,

4. Production management guidance & consultancy for battery manufacturers,

5. Battery manufacturing related accessories, raw materials, chemicals,

6. On-site Battery Production Guidance & Consultancy.

Cold forged bush machine

Service Standards 

Nice Performance , Nice Price , Free Planning , Pleasant: Never Say “No”,

they constitute 4P service standards for the global  battery manufacturing industry established by BETTER.

Lead bush cold forged machine

Research and Design

Product research and development, technological innovation has been the core strength of enterprise development. Our company has obtained a number of utility model patent certificates issued by the National Intellectual Property Office. These invention patents are independently developed by our company. And they has been used in our company's related products and equipments.

Cold forged bush machine

Factory Display

Professional battery manufacturing equipment standardized production process 

Lead bush cold forged machine

Why choose us

BETTER has developed into an innovative enterprise to provide general contracting system integration services, including R&D and design, project planning, complete equipment, installation and commissioning, technical output,technical training, after-sales guarantee and so on. We has created“China's First Station” and became the "Purchasing Center in China" for many international customers. BETTER took the lead in putting forward the concept of battery industry full-resource operation, and thoroughly solved problems including the long project construction period, heavy technical communication task, unreasonable production line matching, and cumbersome business communication arising from purchasing from multiple sources by customers.

Cold forged bush machine

Packing & Delivery

Packing: Wooden case, export standard package

Delivery Time: Delivery in 30 days after receipt of advance payment.   

Lead bush cold forged machine


Team Style

Colorful team activities

Cold forged bush machine

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Lead bush cold forged machine

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