paste and grid separating machine

paste and grid separating machine

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The paste separator is a special equipment for lead-acid battery manufacturers to recycle the scrap plates generated during the plate production process.

1. Equipment composition:
This equipment consists of 6 parts: paste separation system, lead paste crushing system, dust collection and recycle system, waste grid discharge system, lead powder automatic weighing device, and electrical control system.

2.Working principle:
The waste plate is sent into the paste separator by the conveyor belt, rolled by the upper and lower stainless steel shaft rollers, and then passed through the stainless-steel vibrating screen so that the lead paste and the grid are completely separated. The waste grid will be sent to the waste grid collection bag. The lead paste enters directly into the hopper of the grinder through the discharge port, and the lead paste is transformed into powder by the centrifugal force of the grinder, and the powder smaller than the mesh size is transported to the dust collection and recycle system by the action of the wind pressure of the grinder. Automatic weighing after entering the collection box.

paste and grid separating machine
3. Main parameter:
1. Minimum dimensions for equipment installation: (length) 3500* (width) 1700* (height) 2600
2. Total power: 10.2KW
3. Working efficiency: 100-150kg/h (powder output)
4. Lead powder fineness: 60-80 mesh
5. Processing size: 70mm*44mm--470mm*210mm

4. Electrical supporting:
1. 3-phase 4-wire 380v power supply cabinet*1, 60A circuit breaker*1.
2. 10mm interface for compressed air source*1, the pressure is greater than 6Mpa.
3. Environmental protection air-outlet pipe interface*1, the pipe diameter is 250mm.

5. Equipment operating instructions:
1. Set the required weighing weight on the screen of the electronic scale.
2. Open the door of the powder collection box and put an empty lead oxide storage and transfer box directly below the powder outlet.
3. Place a waste grid collection bag under the outlet of the waste grid discharge machine.
4. Turn on the environmental protection dust collector, click on the touch screen, select the automatic mode, and tap the start button.
5. Lay the plate to be processed on the conveyor belt and enter the paste grid separator. (Note that the plates can only be placed flat, and must not be stacked)
6. After the weight indicator light is on (orange color), the feeding machine stops working, open the powder collection box door, take out the storage and transfer box filled with lead oxide, put into a new empty box, close the door, and press the reset button switch (green), and the machine can work normally again,
7. Repeat this action when the weighing indicator light is on(orange color)

6. Equipment maintenance and maintenance:
1. The inner cavity of the grinder should be cleaned every 4 hours under the normal operation of the equipment. Cleaning method: open the grinder cabin, and use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the fibers and other impurities on the screen mesh.
2. Under the normal operation of the equipment, clean the impurity at the feeding port of the grinder should be cleaned once every 1 hour to ensure that the feeding port is unobstructed.
3. Clean the dust collection system of the equipment every 4 hours.

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