Acid Fume Scrubber

Acid fume Scrubber applies to removing the acid fume coming from the plate charging or battery charging process in the water bath.

  • Information

Acid fume Scrubber


1. Equipment Name

Acid fume Scrubber

2. Treatment Capacity:

1 set acid fume purification system, designed capacity could be as per actual requirement.

3. Composition

The whole system is composed of suction hood, ventilation ducting, acid mist scrubber, blower, chimney, control valve, electrical cabinet, etc.

Set up suction hood overhead the pollution source, the suction hood will generate strong air attraction with force of the blower; the acid mist will be sucked into the ventilation ducting.

Function of the suction hood is to capture the acid mist and generate a strong negative pressure area, forcing the acid mist moving into the suction hood.

Function of the ventilation ducting is to ensure the ventilation of air flow.

Function of the acid mist scrubber: to purify the acid mist.

Function of the blower: the blower is just like the heart of the system, the power source of circulation air flow; the blower is placed behind the scrubber, which will protect the impeller from impact of high-speed and disordered dust particles, improving the service life and reducing the backpressure, ensuring the normal long-term operation.

Function of the circulation water pump: spray alkaline liquid and neutralize acid mist, and make it recycled.

The acid mist will be integrated into the scrubber, and the treated air will be discharged from the chimney via the blower. Each suction hood is equipped with independent air valve for adjusting the air flow; if there is no need to open at the same time, the operator can close it, making the negative pressure of the running suction hood much stronger, more beneficial to the acid mist gathering.

4. Feature

4.1 The system adopts automatic PH dosing system, the operation will be more accurate and convenient.

4.2 It adopts turbulence performance of small packing balls, air-liquid contact surface area is big, with good mass transfer effect, low running resistance, no blocking.    

4.3 It adopts alkaline liquid as absorbent, with sufficient reaction and purification efficiency.

4.4 The blower is glass fiber reinforced plastics, with stable performance and long service life.

4.5 The blower is with low running noise.

4.6 The purification system adopts frequency control adjustment to check the air pressure of the suction ducting.

4.7 The purification efficiency of the acid mist can reach up to 95%.  

5. Working Principle:

With the dynamic strength of the blower, the dusty acid will go through the suction ducting into the acid fume scrubber. The acid fume will go up the first level spraying section from the bottom of the scrubber. The absorption liquid will spray out from the evenly placed nozzles; the numerous fine fog-drops will contact with the air and have chemical reaction. The air will go up to the packing layer. The turbulence of the small packing balls, with the wind dynamic force, will make the aireous phase lead have chemical mass transfer reaction with the strong alkaline matter in the spray. The reacted substance will flow down to the bottom storage tank. The harmful air which hasn’t been completely absorbed will go up to the second level spraying section. The absorption liquid will spray out from the evenly placed nozzles; the numerous fine fog-drops will contact with the air and continue to have chemical reaction. Just like the first level absorption process, the air will enter into the demister on the top of the scrubber. The absorption liquid contained in the air will be cleared away and the clean air will be discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust chimney. The absorption liquid can be recycled to be used. The sediment inside the water tank should be removed manually.

6. Dust Collection Method

The circulation water inside the scrubber should be discharged at regular intervals, the discharged leaded sewage should be discharged to the sewage treatment station

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