Gel Mixing Machine For Gel Battery
  • Gel Mixing Machine For Gel Battery
  • Gel Mixing Machine For Gel Battery

Gel Mixing Machine For Gel Battery


Product origin CHINA

The gel mixing machine applies to mixing the gel as the electrolyte for gel battery.

Gel Mixing Machine For Gel Battery

Gel Mixing Machine For Gel Battery

Product Description

The gel mixing machine has strict gel mixing technology to ensure product quality, with clean and environment-friendly working environment, high degree of automation, simple equipment operation, continuous and reliable work, high production efficiency.

The gel mixing machine is mainly composed of main console, high speed dispersion stirring system, low speed stirring system, cooling system and the gel filling system. Normal working process is as below: materials (sulfuric acid or pure water, silicon dioxide, etc.) are automatically injected into the system in proportion to low speed, medium speed, high speed dispersion, and low temperature cooling during the stirring process. After stirring, the cooled gel will be automatically poured into the battery to complete the transformation from ordinary battery to gel battery. All the processes are completed automatically by the master console with SAMKOON human machine interface according to the control instructions input by the operator, the system will become indispensable main equipment for making gel batteries.

Product Features

The gel mixing machine is completely closed, and the working process is clean and environmentally friendly, without any pollution.

Both high and low speed mixing tanks are designed with two layers, and the interlayer can be used to indirectly cool the electrolyte through refrigerant.

The high speed mixing tank also can directly circulate and cool the stirring gel outside the tank, ensuring that the gel is kept at low temperature;

The system structure is firm and easy to maintain.

High degree of automation of the system; accurate feeding (sulfuric acid or pure water, fumed silicon dioxide); stirring (dispersion) process, working time, stirring speed, temperature, etc. can be set in advance;

The gel mixing machine has two tanks of the same volume, high speed stirring and low speed stirring, so that mixing and filling can be carried out simultaneously, greatly improving the work efficiency;

There are observation holes and floodlights on the stirring drum for the convenience of detection, sampling and observation;

High speed dispersion adopts double blade serrated edge, not only can ensure the gel mixing uniform, but also will not destroy the molecular chain, resulting in the failure of the gel, to ensure the quality of the gel to reach the best state;

The system is equipped with temperature sensor to display the gel preparation temperature in real time, and the gel preparation process can also be controlled by temperature.


Technical Parameters:

*Total power: 15KW (note: the standard input voltage is 380V. For other voltages, 20KVA transformer is required.)

*Compressed air: ≥ 0.6MPa (in order to ensure stable and normal operation of the system, the system contains 1m3 air reservoir)

*Distribution speed of cutter head: 0-1420 RPM (can be set freely through human machine interface, diameter of large cutter head: 250mm)

*High and low speed mixing tank volume: 300L (maximum single dispersion quantity ≤200L, minimum quantity ≥50L);

*Stirring time: time and speed can be set in any section;

*High precision precise metering pump flow (to load sulfuric acid or pure water): time setting (1500L/H);

*Pneumatic diaphragm pump flow (conveying between high and low speed mixing tanks and conveying between low speed mixing tank and gel filling machine) : time setting (4000L/H);

*Operating temperature: < 45℃ (the temperature of the control panel is displayed in real time. In order to ensure the gel quality, when the gel temperature reaches 45℃, it will automatically alarm and stop stirring)

*Gel preparation proportion (silicon dioxide/total weight) : can be set freely, the allowable proportion range of equipment ≥0.5%, ≤17% (motor power limit);

*Working efficiency: 200L gel can be made per hour (according to the proportion of 10%), about 40 batteries of 12V100AH or 20 batteries of 12V200AH can be filled; (if the proportion decreases, the work efficiency will increase, and vice versa)

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