Battery Charging And Discharging Machine

Battery charging and discharging machine applies to charging the battery, discharging function available if required.

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IGBT type battery charging and discharging machine

Technical Parameters  

Current and voltage stabilization precision: 0.5% F.S

Time control precision: <10S/24H

Discharge capacity recovery efficiency: ≥95%(when the charge power is bigger than the discharge power)

Equipment charge efficiency: ≥95% (full load)

Output current ripple (battery loaded with 100% current): ≤5% DC

Output current protection time: 50uS (without current surge)

Power factor: >0.93, harmonic content: <6%

Multiple circuits can be controlled together.

Power factor compensation: built-in, without reactive power compensation

Harmonic wave treatment: built-in, without any treatment

Function: Set up formation process program and parameter for all kinds of batteries;

With the working mode of constant current charge, constant voltage charge, constant voltage current-limiting charge, circulation and standby;

With the function of stage conversion mode for fixed time, fixed voltage , and function of recording running data at a fixed time;

With the function of data storage during over-current, overvoltage, current cut-off and power down, and automatic data recovery after power-on;

With the protection function of anti-reversed connection, over-discharge, output short circuit protection and power failure protection;

By the connection between the on-line interface and the PC, centralized network control and data process for multiple power sources can be realized.   

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