600W best lifepo4 portable power station for camping

The unique design and powerful portable power station for camping provides global users with a clean and affordable way to use electricity.600w portable power station can be used by connecting with portable solar panels, and can be charged with solar energy wherever there is sunlight available.

  • China
  • LiFePO4
  • 270*155*150mm
  • 460wh
  • Information

 600W best lifepo4 

portable power station for camping

600w portable power station is with light weight, high capacity, high power, easy to carry, mainly used for mobile office, outdoor leisure, outdoor work, emergency rescue and other scenarios. 600W best lifepo4 portable power station for camping not only built-in high polymer lithium ion battery, cycles can reach more than 2000 times, but also equipped with advanced battery management system and fire proof materials, to ensure the long life of the battery and the safety of the use process.

1. Product description

1)1.5 hours super fast charge, the battery will be fully charged after taking a nap.

2The charging speed is four times faster, no need to wait for a long time.

3600W high-power AC output, enough for camping and playing games.

4Independent and fast charging with 3 USB port, which allows you to charge freely during your trip.

5One set power station is enough for outdoor camping to meet your various electrical needs.

6With automotive grade A lithium iron phosphate power cells, no more safety concerns for energy storage power supplies.

7With built-in ultra-precise coulombmeter, unstable power display will not appear, which allow you to control the power more accurately.

8With photography-grade LED lighting source with CRI>95%, which makes you feel the real colors even in the dark.

9Small size, large capacity, and ultimate space utilization, which will bring you the best trip experience.

10What if the electric bike is broken down on the way due to out of power? As long as your have it, you could charge the electric bike, the embarrassing moment for puashing the electric bike will not happen again. 

2. Basic Information

BrandWELLPACK——Focuses on the R&D and production of advanced battery energy storage system

Cell TypeLFP

Cell Model32700-6000mAh

Rated power460Wh@5hr



AC output voltage220V±10%50Hz

Output rating220V/600W (Max. 1200W)

DC input voltageMax. 29.2V

DC input power: Max. 100W

Output voltage waveform: Sine wave

Cycle life @25℃,0.2C80%DOD : 2000 times

Operating TemperatureCharging 0~45; Discharging -20~45

Relative humidity2095%No condensation

Storage Temperature-20~45

Storage time12 months @20~25

3Additional information

SurvicePersonalized customization


Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China  

Transportation: Sea and air  

Certificate: ISO 9001 

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