top lifepo4 battery portable power station

The top lifepo4 battery portable power station is specially designed for outdoor electricity use. It allows you to easily say goodbye to the anxiety of power shortage in places without power sockets outside the city.

  • wellpack/OEM,ODM
  • China
  • Lithium ion battery
  • 250*250*154mm
  • 19.2V/32000mAh
  • Information

1. Product description

Top lifepo4 battery portable power station use the new original high-performance automotive class power cell, with less heat and long long life, light weight and easy to carry, safe and reliable performance, mostly used for outdoor tourism, outdoor camping and other outdoor scenes.Each output power supply module of the top lifepo4 battery portable power station  has a separate switch, which can be activated by pressing. Multiple power supply modules can also be used simultaneously.


How to find Top lifepo4 battery portable power station  for camping? WELLPACK lifepo4 battery portable power station , with powerful functions, supports fast charging, intelligent control of battery power, and external solar charging. The self charging speed is 3 times faster than the speed of equivalent products made by other companies.the lifepo4 battery portable power station also has macaron color choice, enjoy the full power while taking photos and punch in, do the most fashionable boy in the circle of friends!

 lifepo4 portable power station

2. Basic Information

Product name:Portable Power Station

Product mode: WPP650-01

Brand:WELLPACK——Focuses on the R&D and production of advanced battery energy storage system

Cell Type:LFP

Capacity per cell:4000mAh@25℃ 0.5C


Weight:≈6.8kg (excluding the accessories)

Discharge rate:2C

Rated voltage of battery pack:19.2V

Rated capacity of battery pack:32000mAh 

Charge:Type-C,100W Max


3,Additional information

Survice:Personalized customization


Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China  

Transportation: Sea and air  

Certificate: ISO 9001 


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