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  • When the battery is broken, does it need to be repaired it or replaced? Which is more valuable?

When the battery is broken, does it need to be repaired it or replaced? Which is more valuable?


1. Considering from the maintenance conditions

When the battery is broken, most of the batteries will be bulged or single battery is faulted. Generally the battery bulge is irreversible, it is very difficult to repair, only choose to replace it. In theory, when single battery is faulted, as long as small battery with the same voltage and same current is found, then the battery could be repaired. But actually, it is difficult to achieve this, because the batteries are in groups to be used, so single battery cannot be replaced. Therefore, when the electric car battery is broken, usually new battery has to be replaced. 

battery repaire

battery assembly line for customer factory

2. Considering from the difficulty of maintenance

Although the battery structure looks simple, it still requires the maintenance personnel to have certain theoretical knowledge. Up to now, many maintenance masters have the professional knowledge of bicycle and motorcycle, some theoretical knowledge is not in-depth. So, when the battery is broken, replace it usually.

3. Considering from the effect of maintenance 

The battery has a certain number of charge and discharge limits, if the damage is under normal circumstances, even if the battery is repaired, the battery will only have short recovery, and after a period of time, the electric car cannot run far. Therefore, when the electric vehicle battery is broken, it is generally recommended to use a new one.

battery replace

battery assembly line for customer factory

In a word, if it is not circuit problem, usually maintenance is impossible, the only choice is to replace a new battery. For users, in order to let the battery become more durable, daily maintenance of electric vehicles is very important, do not consider the maintenance of the battery.

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