"Excellent Performance Management System Building Training Camp" employee training session held by Xiamen BETTER was successfully concluded

2021-10-26 18:10


In order to motivate employees more scientifically and effectively, to carry out the company’s performance management work more deeply, to ensure that the company's mission and objectives can be implemented step by step, and to promote the company's better and faster development, from October 19th to 21st, 2021, all employees of Better (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. carried out a two-day training event for the "Excellent Performance Management System Building Training Camp" at the China Science International Collaborative Innovation Center.

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Before the start of the training, the company's Chairman Wei gave an on-site award ceremony to the top three departments in the previous (September) training job review score, and gave cash rewards. At the same time, she gave an opening speech for the training.

We invited the most popular human resource expert of the top 500 business schools, Mr. Liang Guanlong, to give lectures for this training. The training content mainly includes the manifestation of corporate goals, the mode of performance examine, the main content of performance examine, the excellent performance management model, and the method of enterprise-level KPI extraction.

What is performance management?

Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management, said: “The purpose of all the activities of the organization is for the performance of the organization." Performance management is an important means to improve the efficiency of corporate management and work, is an important measure to deepen the company's resource allocation, improve staff efficiency, and improve customer service quality.

Performance management evaluates and feeds back the quality, work behavior, and work results of employees based on the organization’s goals through a continuous and open communication process between the upper and lower levels, to promote the behavior of the teams and individuals to make the benefit goal to achieve, and implement the performance examine plan, examination the result of the work, motivation, and face to face improvement to ensure the effective realization of organizational goals.

In this training class, Teacher Liang Guanlong combined his own work experience and understanding of Xiamen BETTER, in the form of classroom lectures, on-site questions, case teaching, group discussion, homework comments and so on. Fully integrate theory and practice, and constantly interact with all the trainees, guide everyone to apply what they have learned, summarize possible problems and difficulties, and make it easier for everyone to understand the knowledge in the training class all employees, and make adequate preparations for the formulation and implementation of the enterprise's excellent performance management system. Deepen the performance management knowledge of all employees, and make adequate preparations for the formulation and implementation of the enterprise's excellent performance management system.

During this training, all employees of Xiamen BETTER are learn with a lively mind, actively participate in interactive questions and answers, group discussions, homework solution , team modeling presentations and other activity in classroom. The learning atmosphere is very active and each training project is successfully completed. Finally, based on the performance points in the classroom, the rankings and outstanding learning pacesetters were evaluated, and corresponding rewards and punishments were given.

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