Does the battery have serious overdischarge because of the battery quality problem?


The electric vehicle stayed idle at home for a month,

Why only half of power is left?

Is it your own misuse? Or is there something wrong with the quality of the battery itself?


Usually, the battery of electric vehicle will discharge 1% ~ 2% automatically every day. If it is placed for a long time, all the electricity will be discharged. Therefore, the battery stored for one month will only have half of its power.

Although electric vehicle self discharge is a normal phenomenon, if we use it improperly, it will cause electric vehicle over discharge, which is very harmful to the battery.  Let's take a look at it. What causes the battery to over discharge?

Let's first look at the causes of the battery self discharge.

First, if the storage time is too long, the battery will discharge due to the change of electrolytic density after long-term storage.

Second, the electrolyte is impure and contains impurities, so a certain potential difference is formed, resulting in short circuit of the battery and the power consumption.

Third, battery external bridge or short circuit, forming a positive and negative connection, there will be severe discharge phenomenon. In addition, when the battery shell or the top cover has electrolyte leakage, it will also lead to discharge.

Fourth, in the process of using the battery, if the battery shell has leakage, or do not pay attention to daily use, resulting in water entering in the battery box, will also lead to battery self discharge.


It can be seen that the causes of battery self discharge are various. In the process of daily use, we should also pay attention to these situations, so as to avoid excessive discharge of electric vehicle battery, so as to affect the battery life. 

How to prevent battery over discharge?


First, strengthen maintenance and charge in time

In the maintenance process, pay attention to the battery cleaning, often check whether there is damage. In addition, after the battery is used, if it is found that the battery power is less than 30%, it should be charged in time, and excessive use of the battery should be avoided.

Second, handle gently

The electrolyte in the battery of electric vehicle is very important, so it must be handled with care in the process of moving to avoid collision damage to the shell, resulting in electrolyte leakage.


Third, we should often check the vehicles to ensure the safety of use

During the use of electric vehicles, the lines and various parts will have various faults with the extension of time limit, which will seriously affect the mileage and shorten the service life. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect various parts inside the vehicle, and timely replace the rusty or oxidized lines.


Fourth, prevent damp

In the process of electric vehicle riding, if you don't pay attention to it, if you encounter rainy days or water on the road, the water will easily enter into the battery box, which will cause short circuit of battery and self discharge. Therefore, in this case, try to avoid wading in water or direct rain. At the same time, regularly check the inside of the battery box, and clean the water directly to keep the battery box dry.


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