Can new energy vehicles still charge normally in extreme weather?

2023-03-02 18:00

It is not suggest to charge immediately after vehicles was exposured to the sun

The first thing to be reassured is that charging in this situation is relatively safe. Under normal circumstances, the new energy vehicle itself and the charging equipment will be set up overtemperature protection system to ensure the safety of electricity consumption.

However, even then, it is not suggest to charge immediately after high heat exposure.

The reason is that the temperature of the power box and battery will rise as a result of exposure to high temperature. If the power box is charged at this time, the heat generated when the ambient temperature is added to the charging temperature will cause metal aging of the charging line in the car, which will affect the battery life and even risk of overheating damage.

So it is suggested that  after exposuring,the majority of owner wait for cooling and heat dissipation first and then charge for the car 

Charging pile with awning is recommended for charging in rainstorm days

But what about charging during a rainstorm? Will there be electricity leakage? Is it possible to short-circuit?

At the beginning of the design of new energy vehicles, they take this into account. Rubber sealing rings are generally set up at the charging port. Most of the new energy vehicles have reached the waterproof and dustproof level of IP65, which can prevent rain from flowing into the fault. At the same time, most charging piles also have lightning protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection and other functions.

But, With the passing of time, the rubber sealing ring of the new energy vehicle will have the aging problem, and the waterproof performance will decline accordingly. Therefore, as far as possible, the charging pile with the canopy will be charged, which is more secure.

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