What should we pay attention to when charging a new energy car?

2023-02-28 18:00

What should we pay attention to when charging a new energy car?

In general, there are two charging ways of new energy cars : public fast charging pile and household slow charging.There are 30 kW, 60 kW, 100 kW, 150 kW of DC fast charging pile , and the maximum power can reach 200 kW.

Many DC fast charging piles can fully charge the vehicle in one hour or even half an hour. Although this super power DC charging method is fast, it has certain damage to the battery life and is suitable for charging during long-distance travel.


For household AC charging, 220V household voltage is generally used, and the charging power is 5-7 watts, which has little impact on the battery life. However, it should be noted that do not use ordinary patch panel for wiring due to the charging wire is not long enough, as this operation is very easy to cause voltage instability and may cause spontaneous combustion of the battery and charging line. Special vehicle charging extension cable shall be selected to ensure charging safety.


How to keep the battery healthy?

When it comes to maintaining the health of the battery of new energy vehicles, it can be summed up as a pithy formula: "avoid overcharge and over discharge"


First ,How to avoid overcharging?


One the one hand, most of new energy vehicles are equipped with BMS battery management system, which can effectively avoid overcharge and extend battery life. Some models are also equipped with adjustable charging gear to assist owners in scientific charging. For example, Weilai es6 sports version , this model provides 100% and 90% two gears for chosen during daily charging, which can be set manually to avoid overcharge. On the other hand, we can also observe the battery power when charging it by ourselves any time, and cut off the power as soon as we find it full.


As for how to prevent over-discharge, just to avoid the situation that the car is delayed for a long time or the battery is charged only when the battery power is too low. It is recommended to charge the vehicle when the power level falls between 20% and 30% for daily use.

There is no doubt that the life of the battery is directly related to the life of the vehicle, and the safety of the battery also maintains the driving safety. As long as you maintain a healthy charging way, use a reasonable battery charging way, and observe the battery health status in time, you can ensure safe driving and "safe" travel.


At the same time, various types of car insurance also add a sense of security to your driving. You can choose an appropriate car insurance to provide yourself, your family and your car with more protection.

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