Better Tech Group Was Officially Approved as One of the 2023 Key Listed Reserve Enterprises

2023-12-15 16:00

Recently, the Financial Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province announced the "Reserve Roll of Key Listed Enterprises in Fujian Province in 2023". There were 100 enterprises in the provincial reserve pool. Among them, Better Technology Group Limited (Better Tech Group for short) and 25 other Xiamen-based enterprises were officially approved as the key listed enterprises in the provincial reserve pool.

Better Group

Provincial key listed reserve enterprises are those that have been screened and recommended by Municipal Financial Office, co-examined by relevant provincial government departments, audited and finalized by Provincial Enterprise Listing and Coordination Office. The reserve enterprises will enjoy a number of preferential policies and will be given priority to government services throughout the reforms of stock exchange listing procedures.

As an integrated solution operator for global battery manufacturing, Better Tech Group always keeps abreast of national strategic policy trends, delving deep in the goal of getting listed, laying down solid foundation in product management and continuously promoting technological innovation and research in the aspects of turnkey solutions for battery manufacturing, new energy zero-carbon solutions, etc. Better Tech Group has successfully built up a resilient service scheme for the entire battery manufacturing industrial chain, and has been approved by Xiamen Municipal Government as “Fujian Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise”, “Xiamen Growth Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise” and “Xiamen Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise”.

The fact that Better Technology Group Limited got approved as one of the key listed reserve enterprises in Fujian Province marks an important milestone for Better Tech Group corporate development and shows us great affirmation from the local government and market. We take it as a token that our efforts have been recognized by municipal government owing to our commitment and conformity to the national industrial-favored policies, active business, strong scientific and technological innovation capacity, promising growth and market potential. We will seize this great opportunity to enhance corporate confidence and brand awareness, and actively prepare ourselves for future competition, continue to uphold the corporate mission of "Let made-in-China beautify the world" at all levels of government financing, policy, employment, counseling so as to comprehensively improve product quality, technological innovation capacity, service and corporate core competitiveness. By accelerating the betterment of corporate development, it is a positive idea that we can successfully realize the goal of getting listed. 

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