PE Film Heat Shrinkage Packing Machine

Heat Shrinkage Packing Machine applies to packing the battery by heating film to make it shrinkage.

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Heat Shrinkage Packing Machine


1. Application: Used for film heat shrink packing of automotive battery and tubular battery etc.;

2. Operation: The battery is automatically delivered to the machine by photoelectric switch induction, it shift cylinder to send the battery into the film packaging position, the machine automatically pack the battery with film, the packaged battery is then automatically transported into the heat shrink furnace for film shrinkage

3. Features: Specified heat sealing knife casting aluminum heating plate, uniform temperature and long life. The machine has a total of 2 segments.

4. Main configuration: Mitsubishi PLC, Delta color touch screen, frequency converter, AirTac pneumatic components, stainless steel heating pipe, Schneider, CHINT and other well-known brands domestic and abroad low voltage appliances.

5. Aaterial of Shrinkage film :PE、PVC、POF.

6. Thickness of shrinkage film:0.03-0.15mm

7. Heat shrink furnace maximum temperature :160-260°  regulation at will.

8. Power:380V 50HZ 18Kw

9. Air source:0.1m3/min,0.6MPa;

10. Size(L*W*H):4000×1200×1900mm

11. Weight:1000kg。



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