Battery Pole Burning Machine

Pole burning machine applies to burning/welding the battery pole.

  • Information

Automatic Pole burning machine

Application: For welding the terminals for 32Ah-200Ah car batteries.

Operation: The battery will be positioned automatically by the photoelectric sensor. The machine head will descend and the mold will clamp the poles, the flame will weld the poles, after reaching the setting time, the fire will close automatically. The mold will release and the machine head will go up. The conveyor will transfer the battery to the next process.  

Feature: 2 station, PLC and HMI control, it adopts flame lighter for welding. The automatic switch will control the valves for welding.

Production Capacity: 120PCS/hour

Power Supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 2.5KW

Energy Consumption: Oxygen 0.5MPa, natural gas 0.1MPa

Cooling Water: Connected by the user

Transmission Form: plastic chain plate

Air Source: 0.6Mpa

Dimension (L*W*H): 2100*1200*2000mm

Weight: 1000Kg  

Main Configuration: A3 steel frame, Mitsubishi PLC/HMI, pneumatic components, etc.  

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