Battery Box Hole Punching Machine

Hole punching machine applies to punching the hole for battery box.

Hole punching machine, available of single hole punching, and five hole punching.

  • Information

1. Application: For hole punching of automotive and tubular batteries.            

2. Operation: Insert the battery slot into the punch mold, step on foot switch, it will finish punching 5 holes automatically. Five holes mold is not adjustable, have to change the mold if punching the hole of different model battery,1 set mould is for free, if need other different mould, customer could purchase from us,  

3. Feature: easy to operate, automatic punching.    

4. Configuration: A3 steel frame, Taiwan technology pneumatic component,   

5. Air supply: 0.06m3/min,0.6MPa,

6. Dimension(L*W*H):800mm×500mm×900mm,                             

7.Weight: 300kg

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