Zhou Songyi, Chairman of Fujian Province Industrial Culture Association along with His Companies Visited Better Group

2023-09-18 16:00

Recently, Zhou Songyi, Chairman of Fujian Province Industrial Culture Association (FPICA), Pan Yueyang, President of Agricultural Bank of China, Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone Branch, Wang Zhiyou, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Fengyuan Robotics Co.,Ltd. along with their retinue visited Better Technology Group Limited (hereinafter Better Group), and awarded Better Group with the plaque representing the membership of Fujian Province Industrial Culture Association. Better Group GM Liu Dewei and his office extended warmly welcome to Zhou’s arrival.

better tech

During the meeting, Mr. Zhou and his team had an in-depth understanding of Better Group’s corporate development history, production and operation, strategic planning, global market strategy and service network, etc., and they were impressed by the effectiveness of Better Group's high-quality development, and discussed the trends in battery industry and the strategies to expand into global markets in pursuit of quality development.

Deputy GM of Xiamen Fengyuan Robotics Co.,Ltd.

Wang Zhiyou

"We are looking for some cooperation opportunities in foreign markets, hoping to learn from the successful experience of Better Group in the international market as well as the innovative developments of new energy industry overseas, exploring the new cooperation patterns in domestic industries, and joining hands with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to expand into the international market."

President of Agricultural Bank of China, Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone Branch

Pan Yueyang

"As a financial services organization, we will continue to enhance our ability to provide excellent financial services to the manufacturing industries, go all out to support the ongoing development of industrial enterprises. We are committed to the improvements of diverse financial services for enterprises, striving to be a financial firm support for the development of enterprises."

Chairman of Fujian Province Industrial Culture Association

Zhou Songyi


“Fujian Province Industrial Culture Association is the home of our member enterprises and it is also an important bridge to facilitate the communication and cooperation among FPICA members. The visit to Better Group, we learn that Better Group has explored an effective development way to realize corporate internationalization which offers the best material for our member enterprises to learn from in terms of expanding the international emerging markets, constantly improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, developing foreign markets and contributing to the reputation of "Made in China" with quality development. In the coming future, the FPICA will arrange the leading enterprises from different parts of industrial chain to study and explore the global markets in a joint group and do our part to help our member enterprises to make new breakthroughs in the international market expansion and achieve win-win development."

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