The backup UPS battery and the online UPS battery


UPS battery is still quite popular in banking, hospital, transportation and other industries. Of course, the UPS battery systems they use are not the same as the ones we encounter on a daily basis. They need to have features such as greater energy density, higher stability, and ease of installation and expansion.


The following will introduce the backup UPS battery and the online UPS battery.

Backup UPS battery

The first is entry-level, backup-type UPS battery is based on backup, and it will not run all the time in daily use, but will intervene in power supply during power outages. Its advantages are that the volume and noise are relatively small, the overall power consumption is lower, and the price is cheap.

However, the disadvantage is that the inverter system will not run all the time, there will be a delay of several milliseconds in power-off switching, and the waveform output by the inverter is an analog sine wave. That is to say, using the power supply of this waveform for a long time will aggravate the running heat and age faster. However, considering the power failure, it will be converted to internal battery power supply, and the impact can be ignored.


Online UPS battery

The second type of online UPS battery will be introduced next, which is also well understood. Regardless of the power failure, the UPS battery will always intervene in the power supply. The inverter system will always work, rectifying and stabilizing the mains supply, and outputting pure sine waves. More friendly to appliances, switch back to reserve power at the moment of power failure without delay.

The advantages are obvious. The backup UPS battery rectification is an optional function, but the online UPS battery is standard. There will be no delay in power failure switching and pure sine wave, which is more friendly to precision electrical appliances. The first disadvantage is that the running inverter system will increase power consumption, and in order to dissipate heat, the noise of fan operation will always exist.

The price will also be higher than that of the backup UPS battery. The price of the online UPS battery is generally more than 1,000 Yuan, which is suitable for Pro users.

Additional functions: start control, remote control

Some UPS battery can be connected to the computer and NAS through the serial port, and automatically save and shut down when the power is cut off, so that the problem of data loss can be avoided to the greatest extent.

USB interface

In essence, UPS battery is also a power bank, so it comes with a USB interface, which is very convenient to charge a mobile phone during a power outage.

NAS Compatible

This operation is more professional. If you are using it to save the life of the NAS, then a UPS battery that supports NAS control can be considered, and the NAS will be automatically shut down after the power failure to save files to avoid loss of cached files.

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