Salute to strivers | Those who follow the light will eventually shine

2024-04-30 16:00

Salute to strivers | Those who follow the light will eventually shine

Better Technology Group Limited salute to every striver

They are in different positions in Better Tech Group, practicing the service concept of the Group, creating more value for customers, sweating on the stage of struggle, and accomplishing dazzling unique light.

 Better Tech Group

In this special day, let's take eyes on every one of Better Tech Group's striver and pay tribute to them!

Group R&D Center

 battery making machine

As the backbone of the Group's technological innovation, Better Tech Group's R&D Center has always been committed to customer value, and constantly develops cutting-edge products with core competitiveness. On average, they develop and launch more than 40 new equipment and products and have won more than 10 national patents every year. So far, they have obtained nearly 100 self-developed patents and inventions authorized by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

The R&D team has practiced the wisdom and power of the strivers and laid the foundation of Group’s profound technical accumulation and innovation strength.


Work Wishes

Every attempt and innovation is a step towards success!


Group’s Marketing Center

High-end Intelligent Battery Equipment

The elite team of Better Group Marketing Center, who adhere to the service concept of customer value as the core, have a deep insight into market, and actively capture the industry information, participate in an average of nearly 35 domestic and international professional exhibitions each year, and organize more than 30 industry activities. Through extensive exchanges and learning, constant drawing of the cutting-edge information of the market, they inject an inexhaustible source of motivation for the development of the Group.

Through diversified, innovative and digitalized marketing strategies, they have successfully brought the group’s cutting-edge intelligent equipment and household energy storage batteries to more than 120 countries and regions, helping the enterprise to better Go Global. Every successful marketing transaction is a perfect embodiment of group’s Customer-Centric concept.


Work Wishes

Striving continuously and realizing your dream


Group’s Project Center

Better Tech Group

The Project team are the soldiers of Better Group, the guardians of the project and the supervisors of the progress. Even in the years of the epidemic, in order to fulfill the promises to customers as scheduled, Better project team still traveled to different parts of the world in many batches to provide one-stop project services, such as installation and commissioning of lead-acid battery production lines, technical support and training, and to help customers rapidly increase the production and improve the quality of the products, and won the honorary awards issued by the customers' enterprises on their own initiative for many times.

According to statistics, the project team undertakes an average of more than 300 project service orders each year. They implement the service standards of "specialization, refinement, and high quality", and win the deep trust of customers, which fully demonstrates their strength and commitment. Every customer’s satisfaction is the highest recognition of their work.

Work Wishes

Every time you return, it's for a better start; Every time you rest, it's to build up your strength!


Group Quality Control Center

battery making machine

The quality control team of Better Group is the guards of the quality both of product and service. With their professionalism and rigorous attitude, they carry out strict testing and evaluation on every piece of high-end equipment and products leaving the factory to ensure that the Group's products and services exceed the high standard requirements of our customers every time, and the average passing rate of goods inspection every year is as high as 96%.

Their perseverance and hard work are the important cornerstones for Better Group to continuously win the recognition of the market and the trust of customers.

Work Wishes

The slowest pace is not a short step, but wandering; the fastest pace is not a sprint, but perseverance!


Group’s Technology Center

High-end Intelligent Battery Equipment

The Technology Center of Better Group brings together a group of elite experts in the field of technology. They implement an average of nearly 20 key technical improvements every year, which not only increase the productivity of the equipment by 6%, but also provide strong technical support for the Group with their excellent expertise and superb technology, aim at providing customers with better quality products and services, so that every customer can enjoy customized energy solutions from Better Group.

Every technological innovation and improvement are the result of their wisdom and hardworking, which is the key for the group to maintain its technological leadership in the industry.


Work Wishes

All of life's opportunities come your way when you give it your all!


Group’s High-end Intelligent Battery Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Factory

Better Tech Group

The high-end intelligent battery equipment R&D and manufacturing plant of Batter Group has a team of skilled, diligent and pragmatic people, who are the executors of precision manufacturing and production efficiency, working quietly on the production line, providing a solid guarantee for the Group's customized and flexible production.

Work Wishes

Success is the accumulation of countless moments of hard work!


Group‘s WELLPACK Advanced Energy Storage Battery R&D and Manufacturing Factory

battery making machine

The team of WELLPACK, a subsidiary of Batter Group, has made remarkable achievements in the field of new energy lithium batteries with diligent and dedicated craftsmanship and superb technical strength. With strong production capacity and execution, the team has always maintained an outstanding performance of 100% production order fulfillment rate, ensuring that every order is delivered to customers on time and accurately, winning high praise from the market.

Work Wishes

Make the sporadic time be full used, let pieces of comprehension be systematized.


Group’s Overseas Construction National Project Team

High-end Intelligent Battery Equipment

The overseas team of Better Group is the carrier of brand reputation and the executor of the Group's internationalization strategy. With their professional ability and profound industry knowledge, they provide international customers with integrated general contracting services for the whole industrial chain, including R&D and design, project planning, complete sets of equipment, installation and commissioning, technical training, after-sales supporting, etc. The more than 10 national projects of overseas construction they have undertaken so far are strong proofs of Better Group’s comprehensive strength.

They do not flinch in the face of challenges, do not relax when seizing opportunities, and always adhere to the customer-centered approach to ensure that every national construction project accurately meets the needs of the local market, goes into production smoothly and meets international standards. Their efforts and achievements have not only created substantial value for customers, but also earned the Group respect and recognition in the international market.

Work wishes

Strugglers do not live up to the springtime, and aspire to pursue their dreams and fulfill them! Strugglers chase the wind and catch up with the moon, and their aim is to realize their dreams and not to miss them! Strugglers overcome difficulties and become self-confident, self-reliance and perseverance!

Thanks to each employee for contributing to the development of the Better Group and creating value for customers

The horn of May has been blown

Glory and dreams are calling

Promote the spirit of hardworking

Gather the power of advancement

Better Technology Group Limited salute to all the hardworking people

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