Precaution | Winter has come ,how to maintain lead acid battery?


At present, electric vehicles are mainly lead-acid batteries, and the best operation environment temperature of lead acid battery is about 20~25℃. When cold current hits and temperature drops, the activity of various substances in lead-acid battery may decrease, and with the decreasing of internal resistance, battery capacity, charging effect and storage capacity, driving range of electric vehicles will be affected.

 lead acid battery

So, how to maintain lead-acid batteries in winter ?


1. Choose the right charger to charge

When using battery car in winter, choose a slow charging charger (normal charging time is about 8-10 hours), and the charging capacity will increase!

2. Charge frequently and fully charge.
Because of cold weather, battery activity decreases and internal resistance increases, the battery is easily used up. The battery should be charged in time if conditions permit. And charge it when the capacity is about 30-50% (Charging on the same day). Use the battery after fully charged each time, and make sure you won't overcharge and overuse, this way will be effective to protect the battery life.

3. Provide batteries a "warm home".
The best operation temperature of battery is 20~25, if conditions permit, you can keep warm while charging the battery in winter. (Make sure the safety first and charge indoors, or choose other ways to keep warm)

4. Don't let the battery "starve".
If you choose other modes of travel due to the cold weather or place the battery aside for a long time, please also remember to charge the battery at intervals to keep the battery active and avoid battery from "being starved to death". If the battery is charged below zero for a long time, the battery's ion activity will be decreased, and it will easily damage the battery.

Tips: The road is slippery in winter, remember to do a regular inspection of the vehicle, especially the braking system. Wear a safety helmet when driving. Thousands of roads, safety first!

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