Better Tech Group Held the First Portable Power Station New Product In-House Promotion

2024-03-15 16:00

Recently, in order to enhance the corporate welfare for staff, to meet the needs of employees, and promote the popularity of green lifestyle, at the beginning of the new year, the First WELLPACK Portable Power Station New Product In-House Promotion was held in Better Technology Group Limited (Hereinafter referred to as Better Tech Group) Intelligent Manufacturing Factory.

Portable Power Station

With the theme of "Intelligent Sharing·Enjoyable Travelling", this event aimed to show new products in the aspects of intelligent manufacturing and green development, also to improve the welfare and quality of life of employees, and provide access for more people to understand and experience the convenience and efficiency of intelligent technology and green energy, so as to further advocate the green and low-carbon production and lifestyle, and promote the sustainable development of the world.

After the warm-up promotion and introduction, Better Tech Group employees and partners came to the activity venue early before the kick-off of the In-House Promotion, which was very lively.

In the Promotion, Better Tech Group unveiled three types of portable power stations with multiple functions: WPP300, WPP600 and WPP3600 (Developed by Better Tech Group’s sub-brand, WELLPACK). Hosts of this Promotion both gave demonstration of product usage and explained the product's performance characteristics, parameter details, functionality, application scenarios, and other aspects of the event, which was full of useful information. Staff and partners present all got intrigued by the idea of "living a low-carbon green life".

Among them, the biggest performance upgrade of the 3 new products is the realization of dual-way inverter technology (inverter output + inverter input). It is capable of converting DC power to AC power to meet the needs of various AC-powered devices in outdoor situation. This is also an important difference between portable power station and portable power bank, no need for adapter for input and output. With C13 connectors, you can directly power some devices that is only suitable for AC input, such as household appliances, medical equipment, communication equipment, power tools and so on.

At the same time, the host also gave them instruction of three different portable power station products respectively in different application scenario in our daily life so that the staff present could experience the convenience, safety, strong performance and other advantages of WELLPACK products.


WELLPACK-WPP300 portable power station, 5kg light-weight design, one-hour fast charging with 5 output interfaces, easy to carry around, best choice for camping.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells
· 230.4Wh 300W
· 4 types of ports and 5 output interfaces
· Three charging methods (solar energy charging/in-vehicle charging/mains electricity charging)
· Lightweight, about 5kg

Life cycle > 4000 times

portable power bank


WELLPACK-WPP600 portable power station, 600W, cost-effective, suitable for holiday trips, parties, outdoor cooking, intelligent devices, in-vehicle small refrigerator and so on.

- Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells

· 460.8Wh 600W

- 4 types of ports, 8 output interfaces 


- Three types of charging (solar energy charging\vehicle charging\mains electricity charging)

- Life cycle > 4000 times

 Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell


WELLPACK-WPP3600 portable power station, with 3600W output power, 3072Wh full capacity, safe and powerful, long service life, all features in one; bottom-mounted wheels are convenient to carry around; large energy capacity and strong output performance prove to be the best choice for road trips, camping, home appliances, emergency rescue, field work and so on.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell
· Large capacity, 3072Wh
· High power, 3600W

· 4 types of ports and 10 output interfaces
· Three charging modes

(solar energy charging/in-vehicle charging/mains electricity charging)
· Life cycle > 4000 times

 Portable Power Station

Only by trickling into a river can a surging trend be formed. At the end of the activity, the host also gave detailed introduction to the preferential policies of this in-house promotion to corporate staff and partners, which provided employees a great opportunity to enjoy a new intelligent and low-carbon green lifestyle.

portable power bank

Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell

Portable Power Station

This activity is not only to show the company's love and care for the staff, but also to show people that Better Tech Group is committed to the pursuit of product development and technological innovation as well as its firm determination to the development of green energy. In the coming future, Better Tech Group will continue to hold high the core principles of  customer-oriented and value-creating-oriented and continue to promote technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation, striving to  offer customers with a more efficient, safer, greener way to improve the quality of public life, to meet the diversified energy needs of individuals, families, enterprises, and the countries, and to step forward to fulfil our great mission of "Let make-in-China beautify the world". 

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