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Better Technology Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Better Tech Group)have more than 30 years of experience in battery manufacturing and machinery manufacturing.In the lead-acid battery sector, Better Tech Group is the first to put forward the entire industrial chain operation of battery industry, and is now the most professional entire industrial chain operator of lead acid battery industry in China. BETTER focuses on providing global clients with R&D design, project planning, complete sets of equipment, installation and commissioning, technology output, technical training, after-sales support and other battery manufacturing project general contracting system technology output services. In the lithium-ion battery sector, Better Tech Group focuses on the R&D, production and technology integration service of advanced battery energy storage system. The application scope covers fields like outdoor portable energy storage, home energy storage, centralized and distributed energy storage system for industrial and commercial and power stations, PV Storage & EV Charging integrated application solution. 

  • Establishment of technology innovation center and battery talent developmentcenter; with excellent mechanical engineers and battery experts who havemany years’ experience in the lead acid battery industry.

  • With more than 300 strategic partners and technical engineers with more than 30 years; Better has set up special service points distributed around the world.

  • Professional engineers actively stay close to customers, working as battery manufacturing consultant; no matter the customers need which kind of individual needs, professional engineers will always provide  professional customized solutions.

  • Develop the business model of general contracting system integration service, with  strong  planning and design ability for the whole production line of  battery manufacturing, andprovide customers with perfect project management services  and  solutions.

  • Regularly visit customers and take the initiative to find and solve the problems encountered by customers in battery manufacturing process.

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