Epoxy Drying Machine
  • Epoxy Drying Machine
  • Epoxy Drying Machine
  • Epoxy Drying Machine

Epoxy Drying Machine


Product origin CHINA

Epoxy drying oven applies to drying the epoxy of battery lid and battery terminal/post.

Epoxy drying oven available of different lengths of 10m, 8m, 6m, etc.

Epoxy Drying Machine

Automatic Epoxy Drying Oven


With the circulation air system, high heat efficiency, fast temperature rising, low power consumption, high constant temperature precision, uniform temperature; with the function of inlet air adjustment, over-temperature alarm, transmission speed is stepless regulating.

Main transmission motor power: 0.75KW

Circulating blower power: 5.5KW

Transmission speed: 2.4~20m/h

Heating power: 24~48KW/pc

Production capacity: 4000-10000pcs/shift

Temperature control precision: 40~80℃±1%

Electric Power: AV380V, 50HZ

Overall dimension (L*W*H): 10000*1200*2350mm, 8000*1200*2350mm,6000*1200*2350mm

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