All-in-one Mini Grid energy storage system

All-in-one Mini Grid energy storage system
Nominal Output Power: 33KW
Maximum AC Input Power : 43.2kWh~54kWh (90% DoD)
Battery Chemistry:LiFePO4

  • Information

1. Product description

Integrated and modular design, integrated with PCS 33KW converter, AC power distribution unit, E7 monitoring screen, LH75 energy storage battery module and BCU module to form a high-voltage integrated power supply system, for convenient installation and maintenance 

For backup power, mini-grid, and ESS application, with flexible configuration and seamless transfer

PCS: 33kW converter, a power conversion system, supports parallel operation up to 330KW (10 units in parallel); built-in BMS, supports battery heterogeneity; each 33KW converter can manage battery packs independently; supports 100% unbalanced load 

LH75 high-voltage lithium batterries: 48V 3.6kWh single module, supports 12-15 modules in series, a single WellPack C&I Q can be exapanded to 54kWh; Each Qoma supports 4 clusters of high-voltage lithium battery packs, so 10 WellPack C&I Q can support expansion up to 54kWhx40=2160kWh 

24/7 local monitoring and control on E7 LCD Monitoring System remote monitoring on NOVA App & Web 

All-in-one design for small footprint; factory assembled and tested system enables you to get free from complicated groundwork

2,Basic Information 

  • System Specification

Nominal Output Power:33kW 

Maximum AC Input Power :33kW 

Battery Capacity Range : 43.2kWh~54kWh (90% DoD)

Battery Chemistry: LiFePO4

IP Protection : IP21 

Cabinet Dimension(W *D* H) :TBD 

Cabinet Weight : TBD 

Warranty: 3 years product warranty,10 years performance warranty 

  • Inverter Technical Specification 

Model :33KW converter

Battery Voltage Range : 400~850V 

Max. Charging/ Discharging Current : 62A AC 

  • Side (Grid) 

Nominal Output Power :33kVA@45C,30kVA@50C 

Nominal AC input Current :50A 

Nominal AC Voltage/ AC Voltage Range :400V/230V,-20%~15% 

Nominal Grid Frequency/Frequency Range :50Hz:47Hz~52Hz;60Hz:57Hz~62Hz 

AC Current THD :<3 %(at nominal power) 

Power Factor at Nominal Power /Adjustable Power Factor : >1 leading-1 lagging 

Adjustable Reactive Power: -100%~100%

  • AC Side (Micro-Grid) 

Nominal AC Voltage : 400V/230V, -20%~15% 

AC Voltage THD :< 1 % (Resistance Load) 

Unbalance Load Capacity :1 AC Output Power 45kW/30s 

  • General 

Maximum Charge Efiency :0.98 

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes 

Overvoltage Protection :DC Type II /AC Type III 

Grid Monitoring /Ground Fault Monitoring :Yes/Yes 

Insulation Monitoring :Yes 

Overheat Protection :Yes 

Degree of Protection :IP65 

Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -25 to 60˚(>45˚de-rating) 

Allowable Relative Humidity Range (non-condensing): 0-100% 

Cooling Method :Temperature controlled forced air cooling

3,Additional information

SurvicePersonalized customization



Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China  

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