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  • Why are the old lead-acid batteries “recycled at high prices”? But lithium batteries are being neglected?

Why are the old lead-acid batteries “recycled at high prices”? But lithium batteries are being neglected?


Electric vehicle battery has a certain service life, after a few years of using, the endurance of the electric vehicle will be significantly reduced, at this time we need to replace the battery. At this moment, if the old battery is lead-acid that someone will recycle it at high price, but if its lithium battery, no one cares, and he nees to buy a whold new lithium battery. What is it about this ? Listen to the following brief analysis.

Why the people recycle the old lead-acid battery at high price?

First, we should have a preliminary understanding of the lead-acid battery, lead-acid battery is mainly composed of electrolyte and lead plate electrode, and the main component is lead, accounting about 75% to 85% of storage batteries, lead is a non-ferrous metal, so it has the value of recycling. Moreover, the more critical point is that the manufacturing process of the lead-acid battery is simple, very easy to dismantle, after the disassembly it can be very easily recycled.

Since the recycling process of metal lead in lead-acid batteries is not complicated, many small workshops separate the batteries, recycle the metal lead, and then sell the recycled metal lead to the battery manufactures to get profit from the price difference, sellers of electric car will also profit from it .

Due to the high proportion of lead in lead-acid batteries, a group of lead-acid batteries can recycle a large amount of metal lead, generally speaking, 5kilos can recycle 4 kilos of lead ,so there is a huge profit in dismantling and recycling metal lead.

Except for producing new front-end batteries, there are some unscrupulous entrepreneurs who will repair or refurbish some of the batter-quality of old battery and sell them as new one. 

Why nobody want to recycle the old lithium batteries?

Besides lead-acid battery, there are still some electric cars using lithium batteries, but when replacing lithium batteries, we found that noboday wants to use old lithium batteries, why does this happen?

Although lithium batteries are mainly made of lithium metal, and lithium metal also has certain commercial value, the manufacturing process of lithium process of lithium batteries is complex, if lithium metal is to be extracted into lithium batteries, it needs high level of technology, which leads to high extraction cost. Finally, because there is no profit, so few people are willing to extract lithium metal, so there are no industrial chain, when the electric vehicle enterprises are trying to replace the lithium battery, if they are use lithium battery, the old lithium battery is nowhere to sell, so nobody order the lithium battery.

In addition, the lithium battery can be used for a long time and the number of users is small, so there are few quantity of old lithium battery in the market, even if someone who want to recycle and extract lithium metal, the amount is very small and the sales volume is not high, due to the low profits and even makes no money, so the old lithium batteries are not ordered.


No matter lead-acid battery or lithium battery, the reason that the people are willing to recycle at a high price is because lead-acid batteries has huge profits and it has complete industrial chain behind. After electric vehicle enterprises recycle, it is easy to see the profits so electric vehicle enterprises are willing to recycle at a high price and there are few users of lithium battery, and product life is long, the extraction and recovery process is complex, so this is why no one cares about it.

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