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  • Blockbuster recommendation | Portable lithium battery storage tank, total power up to 5KWh

Blockbuster recommendation | Portable lithium battery storage tank, total power up to 5KWh


Based on the development of electrification and advanced lithium battery technology, the demand for energy storage power has gradually emerged. Lithium battery energy storage tank has the characteristics of high energy density, long life, wide operating temperature range, wide application scenarios, safety and reliability, etc., and configured standardized converter equipment and monitoring management system at the same time, which can better meet the growing energy storage need of people.  


lithium battery

·Wide range of application scenarios: Medical equipment, emergency and disaster relief, outdoor activities, office, UAV battery life, self-driving travel, household electricity storage, etc.

Compared with traditional stationary energy storage power stations, lithium battery energy storage cabinet allows ocean and road transportation, which is highly mobility, not restricted by geographical areas, and can be widely used in medical equipment, emergency disaster relief, outdoor activities, and drone battery life. , self-driving travel, household electricity storage, lighting, office, fishery, military, short-term blackout areas, pastoral areas, field investigations and other power-consuming fields. The appearance of the energy storage cabinet is mainly used to relieve the voltage instability and power failure caused by the stress of the power grid in the peak period of power consumption, or failure to be connected to the power grid during outdoor activities, to enhance the endurance of outdoor power sources.

·Total power up to 5KWh, can connect up to 20 computers at the same time

The energy storage tank uses a battery pack composed of 288 power-type lithium iron phosphate batteries. The total power of the energy storage power cabinet is up to 5KWh. It supports a maximum power output of 2500W/220V, can provide about 50 hours power consumption for a 100w office computer, and can also connect up to 20 100W computers for 2 hours.

·Simple design: With touch screen, the power and output can be seen clearly

At the same time, the energy storage tank adopts PACK integration technology to carry out modular, digital and intelligent design of the battery, which is convenient to manage the battery through the energy storage control cabinet during use. In terms of human-computer interaction, a 4.3-inch touch screen power display and a 2.4-inch AC real-time power screen have been added to facilitate real-time monitoring and management of the battery pack.

storage battery


·Intelligent temperature control system: realize intelligent temperature adjustment to ensure the absolute safety of the battery pack

 In energy storage products, the safety of batteries has been a hot topic that always been concerned. In order to ensure the working safety of the energy storage  cabinet, we adopt a three-level BMS battery management system for battery cells→ battery packs→ energy storage cabinet, and the monitoring accuracy is deep into the cells to grasp the real-time working status of each level of battery module . At the same time, an intelligent temperature control system is also added. Multi-channel temperature sensors and 3 industrial-grade precision brushless fans are configured inside the energy storage cabinet. When the BMS detects that the battery temperature reaches a certain threshold, the industrial-grade precision brushless fans will automatically start to achieve intelligent temperature adjustment of the energy storage cabinet.

In terms of safety, the outer shell of the energy storage power cabinet is made of 1mm thick stainless steel sheet, which is anti-falling, anti-seismic, fire-proof and rain-proof. At the same time, an intelligent BMS management system is added to the inside of the energy storage cabinet. When the battery pack is overheated, the intelligent BMS system will automatically cut off the output of battery pack to ensure the absolute safety.


battery making machine

·Long service life: battery cycle life, 4 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary lithium batteries

 In terms of service life, A grade Lithium iron phosphate cylindrical battery with 4 -5 times higher cycle life than ordinary cell are adopted. With sturdy steel cylindrical battery and the intelligent BMS battery management system with multi-function protection to improve the safety factor of the high density battery. In terms of output, the power supply can output a stable sine wave current to reduce damage to electrical equipment. It also supports output overload protection to avoid overloading and damaging the energy storage cabinet and electrical appliances.

The popularity of energy storage power cabinet is due to its lighter weight, high capacity, high power, and multiple functions in one, which are not limited by application scenarios. It can provide you with a convenient mobile power solution, especially in outdoor activities and rescue scenes, which can play a greater value. The energy storage tank has played a strong supporting role in the consumption of new energy, the peak adjustment of the power grid, and the stability of the power supply of the power grid. In addition, with the continuous improvement of policies related to energy storage, the development of the energy storage industry has ushered in new development opportunities.


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