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Leakage Testing Machine

Automatic Double Stations Leakage Testing Machine

Automatic Double Stations Leakage Testing Machine

Application: For leakage testing for 36Ah-200Ah batteries after main cover is sealed.
Operation: Sensed by the electric eye, the battery will be positioned automatically. The test nozzle will descend and blow air into the battery to test leakage. If not qualified, the machine will send out alarm signal and push the unqualified battery to the rejection table. If qualified, the battery will be delivered automatically to the next working process.
Feature: High testing accuracy, PLC control, safe and reliable, it adopts imported pressure sensor, with high resolution. Both testing time and pressure difference are adjustable.
Production Capacity: 100~125pcs batteries /hour (based on 12V100AH batteries)    
Testing Precision: 0.1% (100Kpa), 0.5% (20Kpa);
Testing Pressure: 0-100Kpa;              
Testing Time: 0-99s adjustable; 
Electric Power: AC380V, 50Hz, 2KW       
Air Source: 0.1m3/min,0.6Mpa
Dimension (L*W*H): 2750*1200*1900mm           
Weight: 750kg
Main Configuration: A3 steel frame, Mitsubishi PLC, Delta touch screen, SMC pressure sensor, pneumatic components, etc.