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Pollution Control

  • Date:2016-01-08

    Evaporating Crystallization Device

    Application The device is used to separate out the crystals like sulfate, to improve the effluent quality
  • Date:2016-01-08

    Acid Liquid Recycling System

    SXH-IIC for 12V batteries
  • Date:2016-01-08

    ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

    Application The equipment is suitable for battery manufacturers,electroplating,and machinery industry sewage disposal After making further treatment,the treated water can be recycled for production purpose or making DM water
  • Date:2016-01-08

    Pure/ DM Water Plant

    Introduction: The equipment is producing deionized water which is using two stages of ion exchange’s device
  • Date:2016-01-08

    Acid Fume Scrubber

    Application For treating acid fume which contains dust particle,and has temperature that is under 100℃ It’s more applicable for purification of the acid fume,created during battery formation and plate formation process
  • Date:2016-01-08

    Lead Smoke Purification Device

    Application: Treatment for lead smoke created during lead melting process
  • Date:2016-01-08

    Cartridge Dust Collector

    Application: This device is especially applicable to control and collect micro dusts caused in the production processes of plate brushing and assembly in battery factories
  • Date:2016-01-08

    SXH-IIC Acid Re-circulation Machine

    Application: for the formation of the flooded lead acid batteries